Mini Arcade Machines!


Introduction: Mini Arcade Machines!

This is my entry for the Jack Daniels Independence Project Contest!  

A few years ago, I made one of the first mini arcade cabinets that was shown on the internet.  I built the first one for my son for his birthday.  A friend of mine wanted to put a video of it up on youtube and so I allowed him to do so.  I couldn't believe the response it got as it got articles on,,, and many many others.  Since then, I've been contacted by lots and lots of people wanting me to build them complete game systems, just the cabinets, and some just wanting plans to build their own.  Most of the time, the price I have to charge to cover materials and all the time it takes me to build one by hand, makes it cost prohibitive for people to justify buying one.  Even still, I've built ones for people from hawaii all the way to canada!  My goal would be to win the 25,000 to build kits using a CNC machine where people could have all the pieces shipped flat and can easily put them together themself!  This would allow me to lower the cost substantially as there would be minimal hand work involved and the cost would only be machine time and materials.  I also would rather build them as kits so I can avoid any copyright issues involved, as the kits would come as plain wood and the customer would decorate the cabinets however they see fit.  I've also looked into selling kits with just the cabinet, and kits that also would have the required electronics for a Jamma 60 arcade games in 1 system that would be legal to sell.  I really hope you choose me as I really think I have a product that would be fun for people to build and play, and it has been proven there is an interest in this!  Thanks for your time!

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    did you go big dude since I would like to order a kit

    really great idea!! nice work

    This is a sweet idea! I hope you don't break out in lawyers when you go big with this. Love it!

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    thanks! The goal is to build kits that contain the parts that can be customized by the makers however they see fit once they get the kit. That way, they get to put their creativity into it and make it look like they want, plus then I don't have to worry about having copyright ingringement!

    these are sweet! good luck in the contest!