My Knex ACR Model V2





Introduction: My Knex ACR Model V2

here is my redone ACR model and i have even made a new red dot sight with a real dot !!



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if you make instructions i'll try to make a working chamber/barrel and a working mag so that the gun will actually be able to shoot.

better red dot this time! 4.5*! nice gun :D

 you should add instructions for the red dot sight.  Im trying to build the red dot sight but im having troubles with the back part. plz make instructions : !

I know how to make anything into a red dot sight. Ible will be up?

oh no thanks i figured it out about a half an hour later i posted the comment

I mean, a REAL red dot sight. not like a piece of k'nex stuck out to resemble a dot. really simple, all you need is tape, sharpie and k'nex

what do you think of my red dot sight?

can u make instructions for the gun

Use that one.

Thats one mighty clear picture. What camera do you have?