My assault rifle i just made.. I wont post it.. too much work on my screwed hands of hell. it shoots.. well 100Feet? (without Sharpened rods.) not that that actually make more distance. but it does a bit!
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That might be animal abuse though.
i own a ball python, a lepord gecko, 3 rats, a dog and 3 sisters
Going to update it soon.or  latteerrr
that would be cool for a war, ASSAULT SNAKE!!!
lol 2.68?! wtf is that good for? its a nice gun! RATINGS ARE OFF NOW!
it seems one person hated it.
Hey you build much?<br/>Well i got a problem,<br/>I like making things but i hurry up always because im getting bored Sitting so long..<br/>And its a pain for my finger... I wanna make a Rocketlauncher this month(RPG_7 or M72 Law.) ...but ye.. got a problem. =(<br/>
if you knex for a while, it doesnt hurt so much.
BTW i made a giant sniper of it that shoots the same ammo.. but only the rods flys off.. a safe bullet hold thing so it wont own yar face.. And i added a wtf sight? And stabilisated or how ya call it. but my rb's are broken lol Oh yeh and i made a very KEWL sidearm that needs inprovement on the trigzor
V 1.1 is rdy. ill post a vid soooooon or late.
Who likes snake? And who lieks my cutah ferrets?
snakes smell. but are fun to catch. ferrets smell but he is a little cute =)<br/>
Got 3 ferrets BTW
cool i had little hamsters, but 2 of 3 died and the other.... yeah i think i will just say it:my cat thought it was her dinner;'(
i like the ferrets=]<br/>
I had a snake, but it died after a month from mites. It was awesome while it lasted. Ferrets are uber as well!
hehehe, Srry for ur snake =(...<br/><br/>FERRETYS OWNZ0r<br/>
They certainly do
It has an insane amount of rubber bands :O! An I saw your long........ smooooooth....... SNAKE!
<a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wfxWoMm1uU8">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wfxWoMm1uU8</a><br/><br/>LOL broken voice B T W! stupid camra<br/>
there like uber fat rubber bands
Ill make new slideshow thing. cuz vids DONT work!
well.ill try vid a other way now
Not big u see? o u liek tHAT HAndgun on the first pic?? left corner up thingzwahd.
Can't really tell what it is.
its a handgun with mag that loads on the back.. in the handle.. bit psycho
Theres tons of guns like that O.o
y.. but You hav the handle.. then on the back of the HANDLE the mag goes in and the mag will act like a sort of stock.
omg it dont shoots anymore. exploded lol due rb wrap powah!
and shoots 30 feet =(<br/>
Mwha not rlly.. but woot it shoots 150FT then lol
yeh nice snake not?
wheee.. only uses 4 rbs! 2 for use and 2 reserve..so if one gets broken... u dont has to put the rbs back in lol!..and 1 for the kickback thing so it doenst explode in ur finger. its 70CM long, AND U LIEKS IET?
AI IMPROVED HANDAL AND SCAUP. I improved the handle and the scope now.. with a unique bullet holder!

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