My Knex Assault Rifle..V1.0 the Mk-AR


Introduction: My Knex Assault Rifle..V1.0 the Mk-AR

My assault rifle i just made.. I wont post it.. too much work on my screwed hands of hell. it shoots.. well 100Feet? (without Sharpened rods.) not that that actually make more distance. but it does a bit!



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    (removed by author or community requestt)

    That might be animal abuse though.

    i own a ball python, a lepord gecko, 3 rats, a dog and 3 sisters

    Going to update it soon.or  latteerrr

    that would be cool for a war, ASSAULT SNAKE!!!

    lol 2.68?! wtf is that good for? its a nice gun! RATINGS ARE OFF NOW!

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    it seems one person hated it.

    Hey you build much?
    Well i got a problem,
    I like making things but i hurry up always because im getting bored Sitting so long..
    And its a pain for my finger... I wanna make a Rocketlauncher this month(RPG_7 or M72 Law.) ...but ye.. got a problem. =(

    if you knex for a while, it doesnt hurt so much.

    BTW i made a giant sniper of it that shoots the same ammo.. but only the rods flys off.. a safe bullet hold thing so it wont own yar face.. And i added a wtf sight? And stabilisated or how ya call it. but my rb's are broken lol Oh yeh and i made a very KEWL sidearm that needs inprovement on the trigzor

    V 1.1 is rdy. ill post a vid soooooon or late.

    snakes smell. but are fun to catch. ferrets smell but he is a little cute =)

    cool i had little hamsters, but 2 of 3 died and the other.... yeah i think i will just say it:my cat thought it was her dinner;'(

    I had a snake, but it died after a month from mites. It was awesome while it lasted. Ferrets are uber as well!

    hehehe, Srry for ur snake =(...