I got the idea for making my browning model from a Tv series called Band of Brothers which is totally AWSOME!!!!!!! anyway i digress hope you like it :)
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RedStark4 years ago
cerj has a way better one and he posted it
this one looks cooler
chato564 years ago
pleaze post
nice check out my browning at:

that's better than mine
~KnexBuild~4 years ago
is this semi-auto? how do you load the chain? 5*
KnEx_MaStEr4 years ago
stg 44
can't see it properly, too dark
sorry i had to use my webcam
ooh, i got a built in webcam in my laptop and it's clearer than that
Assuming that you played CoD 5 and wanted to make replicas, the belt goes in from the left and comes out of the right.
 Dis is da Super Deluxe Reverse Browning thats... made in China... we'll go with dat.
no dude, this is the south paw version. for all of you that do not know what a south paw is, we are lefties!!!!!
im a lefty!!!!
exactly. lol
lol. =)
smithinator (author)  TwistedParadox5 years ago
oh well :)
post browning
sick if u post this this would be sick post posr post post please!!!!!
dansdoc4 years ago
how do you load it on?
Reiben5 years ago
wanker.... sorry but i wanted to b e the first to make this :( i spotted cause i couldn't make the lid bit when u reload it
Reiben Reiben5 years ago
spijk8605 years ago
its realy cool with used machinegun bullets
dansdoc5 years ago
instructions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i need it cause i dont have links and most machine guns have them
Reiben5 years ago
the M1919 dont look like that, handle isnt attached to body, stick out abit

i love that show
smithinator (author)  lord voldamort6 years ago
JOIN THE CLUB MATE IT IS AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
Me too.
CraigDH5 years ago
you have got to post this
smithinator (author)  CraigDH5 years ago
i dunno cos i ve made a new awsome m1 garand and i deciding whether to post that or the browning
 post both

I would definately have to say that building a Browning M1919 belt fed gun ould b better than a single shot rifle...
this one i would say
hockys15 years ago
 please post this

you should defanitley post this
Knexwizard5 years ago
this is the coolest gun i have ever seen r u planning on posting it?
~KGB~6 years ago
cool gun!
TOMNDAN ~KGB~5 years ago
i have seen a lot and even i have to say,that is a very good job! 4*
~KGB~ TOMNDAN5 years ago
ye its pretty cool
ninjakoi5 years ago
post this
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