These are some of the things I've built. Not all these are my design (the morretti, dessert buzzard gun, and origonal SCAR, perria pistol, Imperar's Supercar) I'll add more pics as I build. If you would like me post any creations here I will try to rebuild it and post.
YOU! sir, own alot of knex...
 Please post the big truck it is awsome!
where do you get those big tires<br /> <br />
very nice stuff
post the truck with lights and speakers pppppppppplllllllllllllzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!
I'll try but you';; have to say which one, monster truck, or regular truck
check out ur truck i doubled or tripled one of the two
hey how does the morretti shoot
you can make it shoot pretty far, mine didn't because i took a short cut and used ball joint halves instead of just cutting a piece in half, trust me cut the piece in half its worth it!
is it powerful
i would say so, just ask most other people that built it and they will say similar things
Yay! Something made out of Knex that isn't a gun!
Holy crap! Adrian just gives out a comment at a K'nex I'ble!
Pretty cool

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