Hii All, this my modifiaction of the Knex G36C. Sorry for the bad pictures but i have make them whit my Cell Phone :S.. i will post later other pictures i have make them whit my camera :D Thx for watching at my Instructable

Step 1: This Is the Mag (Removable) Whit Mag Pusher

Its a easy design. 

Step 2: Its a Real Trigger

It look more realsitic

Step 3: Scope... *Not Really Nice*

Excelly the scope is pretty nice.. but iron sight work better

Step 4: The Gun Whitout Mag and for Grip

Its a nice body

Step 5: The Gun Whit Mags and for Grip

Step 6: Shoot System

This is the grey rod k that will push the blue rod out of the gun!
That is bending the heck outa that rod...<br>You should re-arrange the band so its straight :)
Okay :)
WoW looks pretty accurate!
Yes, i am really accurate, i want to make him realistic ;)
Dude, fix the ram.....
It is already fixed :l
look at the bend in it?
:O is that what you mean ^^.. but the rod didnt breaks you can fix it whit a rubberband..

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