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Introduction: My K'nex Guns

Almost all of the K'nex guns I have made and not yet destroyed. There's everything from Rifles to Pistols, RBGs to interchangable-barrel weapons.

Tell me if you want an instructable for any of these...



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    your title should be "my knex guns SUCK"

    I'll agree that some of those do. But most of them possess an elegance I find lacking in many more complicated designs. Simplicity is a beautiful thing.

    dont listen to him it dont matter wat they think they are all good

    none of them are semi auto bdw. semi auto is when you pull the trigger and it fires, no pulling back bolts or anything.

    nobody cares about simplicity

    That doesn't mean they're right. To me, larger guns are more annoying to carry, slower to load, use more valuable parts and are not terribly aesthetically pleasing.

    ide rather have a big sniper rifle or assualt rifle than a small slingshot

    I'd rather use a pistol, because everybody else I'm fighting with uses pistols, and in the time it takes to reload a sniper I'd have been shot three times already.