i think it is the first m1 carbine model on this site so give some credit
WOW you took the stock and over 1/2 the body from AJLEECES kar98k. Credit should be givin :( <br> <br> <br>
mag is to small and the gun is a little to long but overall its good<br />
i take it u play cod5
lol <br>
i do but i would have said the same thing if i would have never played it, i hate how people say guns are from call of duty or whatever when they are actually guns in real life.<br />
thats what all my friends do they have absolutly no idea of guns outside the land of cod
My Stock
AAAARRRRGGGHH!!!! ok i admit itim very crap at stocks i thought yours was good so i modded it <em>slightly </em>so it looked<em> a </em>bit different ok!!!
nice may try to make it and ive finished making your browning :)
wow!! did you make it from the pictures!
yeah ive added some of my own modifications though
Meh, it has very flat sides, try working on making them more realistic<br />
&nbsp;nice! 5*
Nice removable mag, try working on that and adding it to a working gun. I don't like the sights though. 3.5 stars.

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