This is my first PROPER instructable so i hope you like it.

Step 1: Handle

Make this.

Step 2: Barrel

Make this.

Step 3: Top Part.

Make this.

Step 4: Trigger.

Make this.

Step 5: Ram

make this.

Step 6: Rubber Bands.

put these on.

Step 7: Stopper.

Step 8: Have Fun!!!

what does it shoot <br>
whats that piece in the middle?
you don't need to cut the grey you can use a ball joint conecter<br />
or orange connector
but you have to cut that to which is why id want to use a ball joint but thanks anyway
what does it shoot<br />
Bahahaha! Come on man...
I wonder where you got the idea to make this all by your self?
&nbsp;This is your gun with a trigger guard.
you,me and ma friend who gave me ideas
what do you mean? i got the firing mechnism from you cos i aint good at making firing guns
this looks just like trauts gun with a trigger guard
how far does it shoot ? <br />
yah no offence but its like ur stealing traunts side arm all u did was add a trigger guard.....
isnt this just a TDS with a trigger guard?
Cool I will build but not now! 4*s

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