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Introduction: My Knex Medieval War Gear

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A sword a shield and a throwing spear, all in metalic pieces:
I'm not gonna post them all but if I get enough positive reactions on one of these items I might post it.



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    1000000out of 1000000

    All very well built but the sword should definitely be posted

    5* can you post the shield please love them the are awesome love it 10 out of 10 Ü

    haha nice 5* for innovation :D

    thats amazing

    If you want to build it, its not as if Mr.Muggle hasnt posted enough pic's, just build it from them

    yeah please post it looks awsome

    Thanks but I don't think I'll post: too little interest

    ah well its a shame not many people took intrest

    Fantastic!  It's nice to see some knex creativity besides guns on here.

    2 replies

    thanks, Iike guns too though

    Yes, but you expand your horizons past guns.  Others don't.