A sword a shield and a throwing spear, all in metalic pieces:
I'm not gonna post them all but if I get enough positive reactions on one of these items I might post it.

Awesome gear. Amazing.Please post???
post shield <br>
1000000out of 1000000
All very well built but the sword should definitely be posted
5* can you post the shield please love them the are awesome love it 10 out of 10 &Uuml;
haha nice 5* for innovation :D
how cool
thats amazing
those are cool
lol echt goed gemaakt.<strong>5</strong>/5<br />
&nbsp;u shud post em
If you want to build it, its not as if Mr.Muggle hasnt posted enough pic's, just build it from them
yeah please post it looks awsome
Thanks but I don't think I'll post: too little interest<br />
ah well its a shame not many people took intrest<br />
Fantastic!&nbsp; It's nice to see some knex creativity besides guns on here.<br />
thanks, Iike guns too though<br />
Yes, but you expand your horizons past guns.&nbsp; Others don't.<br />
&nbsp;cool:) % stars
lol, you shouldn't hold shift<br />
&nbsp;:) it twas a joke
yeah, I know lol<br />
Hey, looks cool! :)<br /> Did you get any&nbsp;Knex for christmas?&nbsp;
no, I live in holland, we don't do christmas presents<br />
sinterklaas :P
wow, 1 minuutje<br />
0 minutes
:-)<br />
doe je nog aan sinterklaas?
alleen surprises met vrienden<br />
ik doe het nog maar geloof er nie in
&nbsp;lol, i knew that!
I like trying to understand people :)
do you speak netherlands?
no, but i speak a little Italian!<br /> Well, sto inparando l'italiano.....
will you learning netherlands?
well, i don't know, do many other people speak it on this site? and is the language actually called netherlands? cuz i can't find it....
dutchwarlord,me,erikos terpstra,beamoron and a much of aother people!<br /> and its holland
:-)<br />
OMG what do you do instead?
Sinterklaas<br /> <br />
what is that/ are they?
that's the thin version of santaclaus, actually santaclaus is derived from sinterklaas, sinterklaas was there first!!<br />
copy off my sword... except you forgot one, verrry ,important thing. to layer the rods on the center tube. All your orange connectors are in one spot... making it way, way weaker.<br />
I didn't have a single look at your sword while making this, also the connection of the yellow connectors is way stronger in my sword<br />
It may be stronger but is it meant for looks? Mine was&nbsp; apretty intense shape to get with knex... if you layer the rods in the tube it's way stronger.
Mines looks realistic and I made two of them (for battling), they're just for fun <br />

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