My Knex Pip-boy





Introduction: My Knex Pip-boy

so i searched online one day and i went, like, everywhere and i couldnt find a single tutorial, set of instructions, or even pictures of anyone who had made their own pip-boy out of knex. so i decided to make my own! more than that i decided to make one i can pop my phone into! still not enough? i also decided to share it! so... here's how you can make your very own Pip-boy made from knex!!!!! enjoy! ^,..,^

Step 1: The Parts!

here is a list of every piece you'll need for this project! oh! waaaaait!!! its 10 blue spacers not 9!

Step 2: The Top Section

simple right?

Step 3: The Middle Section!

i hope these pictures are easy enough to understand... o,..,o


I slid yellow rods through the purple connectors and attached them to the red connectors on the middle section!!!!

Step 5: BACK SUPPORT!!!!!!!!!

i added a yellow rod attached a beige connector piled the blue spacers in and closed it off with another beige connector then i locked it in place between the red connectors yay!!!

Step 6:

whoops! i forgot to add those red parts in earlier! they point downward, the opposite direction of those other red parts. (it's because they're nonconformists... [whats this??? a thought inside a thought???? wow!]) oh yeah! add those grey bits!

Step 7: The Bottom

attach those bendy guys! they can be replaced with chain parts or string or spaghetti or whatever you want, you know, i dont care GO CRAZY...


phew that was a journey! wow! well we made it out in one piece, and hey! look at you man! you have a cool pip-boy you made on your own! oh yeah! oh and before i forget, it doubles as a phone stand! i made 2! one with greyish parts and one super colorful! haha!



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I actually modified it more! If I want my phone to fit in, I take off the white rods from the "dial" on the right.


thank you guys so much for your comments and time! It took me a while to figure out how to do this but I'm glad you all like it especially because this is my first instructable! again and again thank you so much!

You're welcome :D.i will make my own and make it arm mountable and make my phone fit in it, so when I use the pip boy app I can connect to my ps4 and play fallout like I have a real pip boy :D

Yes I love fallout! Great build and original idea!

Super cool man I have never seen one out of K'nex before!