Hello I'm gabriel180 this is my pump action bazooka. pros Quite comfortable Very easy to cock and load Didn't use many pieces No knex minis or broken pieces Can fire white rods cons Inaccurate Not true trigger If u want instructions then just say in comments
Cool! But I'd make it at least 3 layers thick (if you have the pieces)
You use the pump then the block trigger blocks the hole then put bullet in and fire using trigger plz mod and copy it if u want do anything with it<br/>
It has a pump
I don't really see how it works, but it looks like a block trigger gun with stuff added.<br> Could you explain the functioning a bit more?<br> Also, for the info in the description, it looks more organised and is easier to read when you put the pro's and cons below each other, instead of one big sentence.<br> <strong>Pro's:<br> Quite comfortable<br> Very easy to cock and load<br> Didn't use many pieces<br> ...</strong><br> ^Like that (doesn't need to be in bold text, I just did it to make the difference between the rest of my comment and that part a bit clearer)
Hmmmm.... Looks interesting is it pump action like my Zip?

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