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Introduction: My K'nex RBG Machine Gun

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This is my K'nex machine gun. It shoots 8 shots , and shoots rubber bands. It has a wheel that you can spin at your own pace, and if you shoot them all at the same time it can have a shot gun affect, where the bullets spread all over. So, if you prefer a slow machine gun, a fast one, or a shotgun, this will be perfect for you.

Step 1: Barrel

1.) build (a)
2.) connect remaining yellow connectors
3.) build (b)
4.) connect a to b
5.) front view

Step 2: Middle

1.) build (a)
2.) build (b)
3.) connect remaining yellow connectors
4.) connect a and b
5.) build (c)
6.) connect c to a and b (you will also need the barrel)
7.) connect as shown

Step 3: Firing Mech

Be careful! this step is tricky!
1.) build (a)
3.) build these pieces
4.) use a few of the pieces to build this (b)
5.) add on to a but do not completely snap it in!
6.) turn b around and add this piece
7-10.) turn back around and add this piece. snap everything in at the end.
11.) add to b
12.) build this
13.) take out a and put it through b as shown
14.) pushed all the way in
15.) different view
16.) add on the other orange connectors
17-18.) get out the last two steps and connect as shown

Step 4: Turret

1.) build
2-3.) add to gun
4.) different view
5.) gather
6.) build
7.) finished gun

Step 5: Loading

first, make sure the blue rods are pushed together, then add a rubber band from the front of the gun to the back on one of the spokes. do this until you have loaded as many shots as the gun can hold, or as many as you want, then pull apart the blue rods and let them shoot off at your own pace. so it can go fast or slow.



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    what do you mean "back"?

    i had it confiscated a year back

    not very cool man but simple

    yawn... I could make this by looking at the last picture. even though it is very simple its not as bad as some of the things I've seen so far so I'll give it 3*

    hey i made mod for mag and bullets. can I post? I'll give full credit to you, all but the mag part.

    1 reply

    sure go ahead. anything to make this thing better.

    YES!!! I've modded a gun just like this so the rubber bands push peices coming out of a mag! a mod that makes this gun full auto piece shooter!

    1 reply

    can you post a picture? Can u send me directions on how to make the Mod? Thanks!

    hey i love your machine, i just finnished building it so i think i'll shoot my annoying brother with it!!

    Yes. Rockband is awesome

    What system do you have it for? I have it for Wii.