i started this gun a couple of weeks ago after i had played the new call of duty and since the ACR is my favourite gun i thought id try making it, hope you like it :)
I MADE IT INTO A DRD Paratus 18 : )
stop being haters...its better then i and most knexers cood do...so give the guy a break
and in MW3 its made by remington
MW3=/=Real. It's designeed by Magpul (as the Masada) and made by bushmaster and remington
The ACR (adaptive combat rifle) is made by Bushmaster, not Remington.
4* no red dot just a black snowflake. sorry
the magazine is to small
I suddenly hate MW2 more now. <br /> <div id="refHTML">&nbsp;</div>
Enlighten me. Why do you hate it?
It does not teach proper gun handling. People (in the states) come out of this game suddenly believing that they are ubersniperman who can walk up to a pawnshop, buy a Remington ACR for under 1000 quid, and shoot a quarter from more than two feet away.
late reply ik but in a way your right us people in the states thats exsactly what happens but theres also people that do not apply to your theory like me i can be a sniper no problem but thats because i have an ulimited source to any gun i want so yea
Access to firearms does not create a sniper.
not what im saying but if you have experiance with guns you can be easily trained to be a sniper and btw thats the only kind of gun ill shoot is a sniper
I admit, it does inflate some peoples' ego.
F U !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<br />
You're an American, yeah? Stop infringin' upon mah rights! <br /> <div id="refHTML">&nbsp;</div>
hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ok<br /> <br />
No no no.<br /> Barret 50 cal. fmj FTW!<br />
:D epic win
The ACR is my favorite in the game, too, especially with the Heartbeat Sensor. I got MW2 and a 360 Elite for X-mas. Yay!<br />
i got mw2 for my&nbsp; xbox 360 too !!! :)
Awesome, right?<br />
Ever been to a 10th prestige lobby? You don't know awesome until you are 10th prestige. Trust me. My title: Silent Strike, Emblem: Juggernaut
No, they're usually too expensive
I found a free one from YouTube. Just look harder.
it looks nice to start with, but put it next to the real ACR it only looks vaguely similar, for a downgrade on my (shooting) gun, its not really worthy.. it should be perfect, as you really dont have to fit a mechanism into it, and, really, it isnt.<br /> <br /> and someone said your sights are epic ?!?!?<br /> <br /> iron sights?<br /> <br /> red dot sights?<br /> <br /> nope i dont think they are<br /> <br /> only a 4* im afraid friend..<br />
im stumped :( im trying to make an asault rifle that looks cool has a removable mag and shoots good but i have no ideas :( :(
looks its not that hard to do all of those things..<br /> <br /> you've just gotta have a little more experience... build other peoples guns, and litterally nick ideas from them if you can't make your own.. don't forgot to give credit if you have something like theirs that is mostly piece by piece...<br /> <br /> sorry, looking back, that sounds really harsh.. but i don't really see how it is only a model, yet my gun looks better and is fully functioning...<br />
Wheres the red dot on the red dot sight.
its the first red dot sight thingy on the internet give me a break . i know it aint great but at least i tried and the circle in the middle of the sight is meant to be the sight :-/<br />
umm no its not neither is the holographic <br /> <br /> both were on my ACR, and mine were more realistic (imo)<br /> <br /> besides both yours and my version are fake, real red dots use mirrors and lasers to put a light on the screen...<br /> <br /> mine actually has a dot (a ball joint connector) at the other end though..<br />
Bakinbitz made one for his AK-47 which actually had the red dot<br />
Erm... the whole point of the red dot sight is that it has a red dot. Sorry dude :P<br />
oh well at least i tried :(
And it's not even the first, I beat you by a few days :D<br />
ACR&nbsp;IS&nbsp;MY&nbsp;FAVORITE&nbsp;TOO!!!!! whats your gamer tag? mine is, &quot;mikstr2&quot; lol<br />
lol mines NLSP&nbsp;PWNS
with a space? or no?<br />
yes there is a space sorry for a late reply i was partying and all caps and is a tiny clan that i just founded<br />
oh, and even though that holographic sight is the first on the internet, i made a better on a long while ago and it was very accurate<br />
That's the coolest site I have seen, nice work.
the stock puts me off at least you dident copy or mod ajleece though
lol :) thats whats its meant to look like
i know
someones been playing too much MW2<br />
sights are epic! 5*
thanks :)
no problem!
cannot see the slideshow

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