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This is my new knex slingshot sniper rifle that i made it took me about one hour to make the entire gun but it was worth it the gun can shoot about 100 to 150 feet with three or four #64 rubber bands and the ammo a red rod with a red connector on it. I hope you guys like it please rate comment and subscribe.


ryry2011 (author)2011-12-04

stock is a Little flimsy. but good

Puddock (author)ryry20112011-12-04

Not only does the stock look flimsy, the whole gun looks weak.

slimshaddy (author)Puddock2011-12-04

well the whole gun is actually fairly strong

Puddock (author)slimshaddy2011-12-04

Oh. Sorry about my mean comment then.

slimshaddy (author)Puddock2011-12-04

ok what slingshot sniper should i make i have like 105 green rods and like 45 yellow connectors.

PotatoCoffee (author)slimshaddy2011-12-04

You could make mine, (without the stock)?

slimshaddy (author)PotatoCoffee2011-12-04

i would but i just made a custom slingshot sniper rifle

PotatoCoffee (author)slimshaddy2011-12-05

Lol, I'd like to see some pic's! =)

slimshaddy (author)PotatoCoffee2011-12-05

its my new post

PotatoCoffee (author)slimshaddy2011-12-05

Oh, I see.

slimshaddy (author)ryry20112011-12-04

yes the stock is flimsy but i dont have many knex

ryry2011 (author)slimshaddy2011-12-04

sow you do not have any more yellows?

slimshaddy (author)ryry20112011-12-04

unfourtantly no why

ryry2011 (author)slimshaddy2011-12-05

well if you did have more you could make this gun a hole lot better

slimshaddy (author)ryry20112011-12-05

im gonna either make knexfreak360's slingshot rifle or something else i just made a mini srv1 last night and i showed pictures check it out

TheAwesomestDude (author)2011-12-04

take better photographs please theyre too bright

well they can be too dark or too bright you choose

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