My Knex Sports Car





Introduction: My Knex Sports Car

It's Finally Here The Instructions!

Step 1: The Chassis

Build This The Base of the car

Step 2: The Rear Axle & Suspention

Build this

Step 3: Rear Bumper & Rear Spoiler

Make This

Step 4: Engine Cover

The orange rods are the flexible rods! Add this to the bumper when your done and yea there it is on the 2nd pic

Step 5: Engine

The Power

Step 6: Sides/Doors

Build both of these note: the other 1 meant to be the other way around for the other side then on pic 4 put the engine in the back purple connectors

Step 7: Alot of Stuff

Build & Add This

Step 8: Front Bumper & Hood

Almost There! Important!: at the end pic is the ball joint version i made for you ppl

Step 9: Finished

Just put the front to wheels on then your done have fun!



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    Really cool, it is a nice simple car.

    Its not super, its just a car.

    It is a knex sports car, many sports cars are called "supercars", like really expensive ferriari's (I think that is how you spell it).

    god i hate Ferraris... if u wanna talk real super cars, lotus, audi r8, lamborghini, bugatti, and yes even porche. but Ferrari are Italian trash!

    there okay, all looking the same though realy boring same with porches

    none of those car companies have any cars that look alike!

    That's your view however i think it is! but i'm not saying your wrong