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Introduction: My Knex Creations

About: some months i am highly active and other months i will only be on like...never sooo dont expect many other instructables from me! please visit my youtube tho i am on that everyday! Visit both my youtube ...

Heres ALL of my knex stuff i made.



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    Well this is strange coming back after 4 years. It's hard to believe how I behaved on the internet at that time...

     oh thanks! you couldnt just give me 5 *? lolz. thanks for the 4.5*

    Hey man, I give 5* to everyone. I just tell them what I think it deserves XD! 
    It's true..... 

    so why didnt you give me that extra .5?

    your cars aren't AMAZING.....

    neither are YOURS......

    dude i just put caster on my big buggy :D

    I don't like caster...

    havent been on instructables in like a month

    why  not?! caster is what prevents your wheels wobbling all over the place if you have steering!! you can thank caster for letting you ride down a hill on your bike with no hands, or keeping a ripstick wheel from wobbling all over the place

    Why don't you like guns?