Hey guys and Happy New Year to everyone. These are pictures of all the K'nex weapons from 2013 and 2014 that I have reviewed and even made instructions for some of them. Let me know in comments of which one was you're favourite.

Total Piece Count - 10,857

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<p>Just wanted to let you know that I think your models are <strong>awesome</strong>! I can't get over how realistic they look! Great collection of K'NEX weapons. That's a lot of models for two years, considering that you designed them all yourself. Favorited. :-)</p>
<p>Thanks K'nex Inventor, certainly is a great collection. Honestly it is worth mentioning that these K'nex models aren't my own designs at all.</p>
<p>Oh, right. They were all models. Sorry, I forgot about that.</p>
<p>Nice preview!</p>
<p>Thanks Mastersplinter</p>
<p>Your welcome!</p>
<p>Nice overview!</p>
<p>Thanks Sand</p>
<p>I love cats too!</p>
<p>I love you to angry cat!</p>
<p>Awesome. Bring it punk!</p>
<p>Just leave him be, don't be too harsh on him</p>
<p>The M14 and DB shotgun are my favorits.</p>
<p>Thanks Dr MonkeyMan, have a great new year</p>
<p>Yup you too!!</p>
<p>Hopefully you get round to posting some reviews this year</p>
<p>Chimp?!? rude....</p>
<p>Technically there his guns because he used his knex to build a gun with instructions provided by the original author.</p>
<p>Happy new year man!</p>
<p>Thanks Red, have a great new year</p>
<p>I could never decide which one is the best since they are all great models</p><p>Do you mind if I ask how did you get all the pictures into to one?</p>
<p>Same here DNTR93, i can&rsquo;t decide my self which one is the best but I&rsquo;m sure other that Instructablers have a particular favourite. Basically I took all the pictures into Microsoft power point and reduce their size down and then I merge them all into one picture and I then I saved the whole thing as one picture although it took a lot of time, it was worth it.</p>
<p>Thanks Mullet for the compliments, have a great new year</p>
<p>Mullet I do know that these creations aren't mine since they do belong to other Instructablers but I have always left credit for every single of them. Also you should be grateful that I have build some of your creations which shows that I'm supporting you because if I knew people were building the instructions that I have posted, I myself would be really grateful as well. Finally I don't want us to fall out over arguing.</p>

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Bio: Hello there I'm Zombiekiller-93 but me can call me Jay. I like making models of K'nex guns from the Call Of Duty games ... More »
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