This is my first one. This knex gun is simple to make and the pictures are pretty much self explainetory. the gun is really powerful and accurate.

Step 1: The Stock

You'll need: 3 red rods, 6 yellow rods, 6 blue rods, 6 red connectors, 6 yellow connectors, and 3 white rods. these are only the pieces for the stock.

Step 2: The Barrel

both sides of the barrel look the same

Step 3: Firing

just read the pic notes
not bad!<br />
Thanks. But now that's what it used to look like before I modified it, and I'm not sure if I'll post pictures of the new one yet. By the way, did it look like it was easy to build by looking at the pictures and notes?
kool<br />
Do you have any tips on how I could make it shoot knex rods instead of just rubber bands<br />
yep make a differnt barrel and put a magazine on it<br />
how do i build a magazine for it. i have an idea for the barrel but no idea on how to make a magazine for it
just look at another gun and try get a similar idea, try my halo 1 magnum for a mag...<br />
ill try<br />
k<br />
I gave up on makig a new one, too busy making other stuff.
k<br />
Lol your replying is going on forever, mind if i join in XD
haha, i know... nope!!! go ahead!
wait a sec.. OMg your da guy who posted on my howitizer :P
yes, why...?
ok thx :P
I replaced the yellow rod in the front w/ blue + white rod.
Send me some pics if you still have it. I wantz to see it!
OMg crazy your da first one who said somthing that wasnt bad to me :)
I feel sad for this gun.<br>Its been almost a year sicne this has been posted *Sniff*<br>its probbaly been outrated since, but I WILL NEVA LET THIS BE FORGOTTEN!!<br>SUCH GOOD WEAPONS SHOULD NOT BE FORGOTTEN!!!<br>I WILL SHOOT EVERY PERSON IN THE WHOLE USA IF THATS WHAT IT TAKES TO KEEP THE MEMORY!!!
Did u notice my picture?<br>My cat in da microwave? XDXDXDXD
OH MY GOD This gun is simple, but it works like a pistol, with the design of a rifle... ITS AMAZING. I RATE THIS A 5
OH COME ON!!! the pictures are so blurry its hard to maek!!
how do u run out of whites, i never have
cuz i need more knex dude, i dont have that many

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