My Knex Sidearm Prototype




Introduction: My Knex Sidearm Prototype

About: My names John,I've been building with knex for 5 years And am currently working on a lever action tube fed shotgun =D

This is my new knex gun. I couldn't decide if I should make a famas or a uzi so I made both. This gun doesnt get very good range because of the system. It shoots green rods and has a front grip. This is only a prototype so its not supposed to be good. Working on V2 so tell me some things I can do to improve this.



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    5 years ago

    You should really make a remake of this!

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    Thanks, I did at one point and converted it to fire grey connectors. I'll try to put pics up today if I find them = )

    My advice to you is pick one or the other, because an uzi with a carrying handle. extended barrel and large forward grip is just deadweight clunk. lol. It's not bad, though.

    haha that makes it a fuzi or an uzas!
    Anyway, advice:
    -green rods aren't that good an ammo so either make a larger mag or just keep the mag the same and try to make it fire a grey con with a green rod
    -If it's a sidearm, why would you think about making a famas?
    -if the top rail isn't important, get rid of it.
    -make the barrel at the front a bit neater

    other than those, good job!

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    I changed the ammo to the grey connector things but that makes the handle uncomfortable. Also what do you think i should do on the barrel.

    You can't make both a Famas and a uzi without it looking like a mess.