This is my version of the LED Throwies project. I'll be using different LEDs and magnets. I just thought it would be nice to post it so everyone could see how it differs from the real, original Throwies. All credit, etc. goes to Graffiti Research Lab, a division of the Eyebeam R&D; OpenLab.

Step 1: Materials

Here is what I ordered for my first Throwie set:

100 CR2032 3V Lithium Batteries
100 "Super-Brite" LEDs (50 Red, 50 Yellow)
50 Magnets (1/2" Dia x 1/8" Thick NdFeB Disc Magnet)
Packing tape Roll

Here is what I have concluded about my first set of ten throwies:

-The magnets seem to loose a little of their strength when they are attached to the battery.
-The "Super-Brite" LEDs ARE way bright but,
-My LEDs were not diffused, so they don't "glow", they just "point-shine".
-Packing tape is hard to strip down into battery-width strips.

Step 2: Complete Throwies

You can see how my LEDs look rather large compared to others. I ordered "Super-Brite" to see how they differed. They are a lot brighter (probalby reduces glow time) but they are not diffused! Big mistake. Now all of the light is projected just through the front of the LED, while I want it to come out of all of the plastic around the LED.

Since I only ordered 50 Magnets (the most expensive part) I decided to figure out another way to get these to stick/stay up somewhere. On my college campus, we have TONS of big willow-like trees that have no leaves right now. I decided if i out some kind of loop on a Throwie that it might catch on part of a branch or something. Below you can see I just wrapped some 550 military cord around the LED. I could never get it to catch anything. I will try fishing line this week and see if it is any better.

Here is what I learned over all from my first Throwing:

-Check a building first to make sure it's not a Engineering test lab inside. :|
-Our campus street lamps are non-magnetic.
-More people than you think noticed the Throwies on the stop light pole.
-Obviously a production line is easier. One person tape, one put LED on battery, then a magnet taper.
-Blinking LEDs will be WAY more noticable and could cause some real stress if Thrown in the right place.
-Only some lights from a auditorium stage are magnetic.
-A stratigicly placed red LED looks like a "hidden" camera.
-Red is cooler than Yellow in every aspect.
-My LED Throwies happen to be very durable. (miss-threw probably 15 times on the streetlight straight up and didn't always catch it. It fell on the asphault. The LED wires may bend, but with a good taper, it will generally stay complete through a lot of abuse.
-Stanbys want to throw them. :)
<p>You nan buy cheap magnets at http://www.supermagnetic.de in Europe</p>
Does anyone know where I can get cheap led lights?<br/><br/>I found a website but am not sure how trust worthy the site is to purchase from (http://www.superbrightleds.com). Radioshack has some, but they are more expensive.<br/><br/>I'm looking to design a costume with a bunch of these led lights in it so I need to figure out how to affix the lights to clothing. But the first step is finding these lights cheaply!<br/><br/>Any leads/help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated!<br/>
American Science and Surplus.
That site is great. Thanks for the tip
aperture science laboratories.
china, i got 100+ for like 45yuan which is7 dollars
ebay bro get 100 for 8.00
you can get them for a ruppee in india
try this <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.hebeiltd.com.cn/?p=z.pricelist.led.diode">link</a><br/>
around chirstmas time, try <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/How-To-Extract-LEDs-Form-LED-Christmas-Lights/">this</a> out.<br/>
To get them cheap, buy them in bulk. Ebay is great for cheap, bulk LEDs from china.
This reply is almost 2 years after your comment, if your still interested try abctronics.com, 1k red or yellow 3mm or 5mm Leds for 26.99
I've purchased from www.superbrightleds.com AND another place called www.ledshoppe.com they both have great deals on "cheap" LED's of all colors. The only thing to keep in mind is these are "low quality" LED's that have poor color consistency... meaning you wouldn't want to use them in a 5 million dollar display because it'd look "patchy". As for throwies, they work PERFECTLY and the price is low! Hope this helped!
<a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.hebeiltd.com.cn/?p=z.pricelist.led.diode">http://www.hebeiltd.com.cn/?p=z.pricelist.led.diode</a> less than 4 cents each 99 dollar min order<br/>
check out ebay, I got 50 for 4 bucks. just type in "(size) (color) LEDs", you can do the same for batteries, just gotta find some that aren't from china otherwise ur gunna pay a boatload on shipping.
We did this same type idea with IR Diodes. We built tiny throw away circuits out of a IR LED, 3 vdc Lithium battery and photocell. We emplaced them in the daylight at areas we needed marked as perimeter or boundries of types. Then at night we would veiw the area using night vision to gain the exact area marked with the LED. They sell 9 volt White light and IR Light Beacons that plug directly onto a 9 volt battery. They have been around since the Vietnam War and work just like your little contraption does. Good Idea!
How long do they stay lit when using a ultra brite LED / 3 vdc Lithium battery?
Can you list your per item costs?
hey anyone know where I can get a pack of LEDs in scarborough? get back at me please!!!! : )
What's the shoestring for? A throwing device?
to be able to like hang on trees and such
Ooooh. Cool.
I found that the dollar store down the street sells the coin batteries in 5 packs =D Throwies here I come.<br/>
if magnets are expensive, try with a soft glue or playdough, or something sticky
Why not use a velcro hook strip?
try stringing on 10 or 15 on 1 magnet ( if strong enough)
what happens if a building is an engineering test lab???
haha cool. I dont know why I asked that question.
It explodes.
You can get magnets really cheap at DealExtreme. Shipping is free, too.<br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.dealextreme.com/products.dx/category.1105~search.magnets">http://www.dealextreme.com/products.dx/category.1105~search.magnets</a><br/>
I'm surprised no one's mentioned this (at least i don't think they did... read all the comments..) You could try using Hot Glue to attach the magnets to the battery, and you could hot glue the top lead for the LED as well... just a thought...
i see lots of comments about the battery polluting.. don't you guys try to get your throwies back after use to save on costs? pull them apart put a new battery in, throw the old ones away at some kinda battery recycling place. rather than paying for all the parts your only paying for the battery again.
try using a nail file to file down the top of the LED's, this seems to diffuse them a bit.
my brother wants to make a throwie to shoot out of our potato cannon at night. OMG IDEA!!! use trigonometry to determine an actual estimate of the height of the throwie!
isn't a nother name for a "throwie" is a dot-it checker light???
<br/>I totally agree about the environmental aspect coming with this idea. These little batteries are REALLY harmful and polluting our groundwater. So don't trow them away neither on a wall or in your garbage.<br/>There are many cost-free solutions like this one : <br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.batteryrecycling.com/Battery+Recycling+Process">Battery recycling process</a><br/><br/>Why not trying to Reduce-Reuse-Recycle keeping the LED idea by mixing this creative instructable with another one ? It will last longer and be greener, without using any battery ! :)<br/><a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Parasitic-Wind-Turbine/">Parasitic-Wind-Turbine</a><br/><br/>Keep your creativity, have fun, and stay green !<br/><br/>***<br/>
Great LED's (of all sorts) resistors,and much more from a cool cat on ebay named: Charles Stevenson,I have done over 600 LED projects and he is in the U.S. and has the best prices I have seen so far,the guy has warehouses full of anything you need!!(and ohhhh....batteries aswell....) love 2 u all!!
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Well said
You have a point? I want to see!! Where is it?!? Lol. Just kidding. Use spell check btw.
are u attaching those lights to...quarters?
thats cool
why was "get rid of all batteries" the main case against wasting batteries?
I can understand placing odd sound devices in nature or around town. but a bunch of throwies all over the place look tacky. You would do better if you just tagged the side of a truck or building. At least you will be saying something. shinojmahe has it right. Can we use this discussion to find a fun an reusable application?
hi, well nice work. but could any one tell me, what is this' LED Throwies ' means for?? in what occasion we can use this for?? waiting
arent these like, watch batteries or something? arent they pretty expensive? so how can people afford to mass produce them? just asking- and nice idea with the magnets
The only problem I've had with this project is that LED's aren't the easiest things to work with. It's not as easy as "get some 3v batteries and LEDs". LEDs are rated for different voltages like regular light bulbs. You can't just wire up some random LEDs. If the voltages are off by more than a little bit, the LED will either blow out, or it won't light at all.

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