Picture of My LED Throwies
This is my version of the LED Throwies project. I'll be using different LEDs and magnets. I just thought it would be nice to post it so everyone could see how it differs from the real, original Throwies. All credit, etc. goes to Graffiti Research Lab, a division of the Eyebeam R&D OpenLab.
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
Here is what I ordered for my first Throwie set:

100 CR2032 3V Lithium Batteries
100 "Super-Brite" LEDs (50 Red, 50 Yellow)
50 Magnets (1/2" Dia x 1/8" Thick NdFeB Disc Magnet)
Packing tape Roll

Here is what I have concluded about my first set of ten throwies:

-The magnets seem to loose a little of their strength when they are attached to the battery.
-The "Super-Brite" LEDs ARE way bright but,
-My LEDs were not diffused, so they don't "glow", they just "point-shine".
-Packing tape is hard to strip down into battery-width strips.
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Neodym11 months ago

You nan buy cheap magnets at in Europe

reboticon8 years ago
Does anyone know where I can get cheap led lights?

I found a website but am not sure how trust worthy the site is to purchase from ( Radioshack has some, but they are more expensive.

I'm looking to design a costume with a bunch of these led lights in it so I need to figure out how to affix the lights to clothing. But the first step is finding these lights cheaply!

Any leads/help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
American Science and Surplus.
That site is great. Thanks for the tip
aperture science laboratories.
china, i got 100+ for like 45yuan which is7 dollars
ebay bro get 100 for 8.00
you can get them for a ruppee in india
try this link
around chirstmas time, try this out.
To get them cheap, buy them in bulk. Ebay is great for cheap, bulk LEDs from china.
This reply is almost 2 years after your comment, if your still interested try, 1k red or yellow 3mm or 5mm Leds for 26.99
I've purchased from AND another place called they both have great deals on "cheap" LED's of all colors. The only thing to keep in mind is these are "low quality" LED's that have poor color consistency... meaning you wouldn't want to use them in a 5 million dollar display because it'd look "patchy". As for throwies, they work PERFECTLY and the price is low! Hope this helped! less than 4 cents each 99 dollar min order
check out ebay, I got 50 for 4 bucks. just type in "(size) (color) LEDs", you can do the same for batteries, just gotta find some that aren't from china otherwise ur gunna pay a boatload on shipping.
ugs5 years ago
We did this same type idea with IR Diodes. We built tiny throw away circuits out of a IR LED, 3 vdc Lithium battery and photocell. We emplaced them in the daylight at areas we needed marked as perimeter or boundries of types. Then at night we would veiw the area using night vision to gain the exact area marked with the LED. They sell 9 volt White light and IR Light Beacons that plug directly onto a 9 volt battery. They have been around since the Vietnam War and work just like your little contraption does. Good Idea!
ugs5 years ago
How long do they stay lit when using a ultra brite LED / 3 vdc Lithium battery?
jaredc5 years ago
Can you list your per item costs?
palencia5 years ago
hey anyone know where I can get a pack of LEDs in scarborough? get back at me please!!!! : )
Zem5 years ago
What's the shoestring for? A throwing device?
Redgerr Zem5 years ago
to be able to like hang on trees and such
Zem Redgerr5 years ago
Ooooh. Cool.
Zem5 years ago
I found that the dollar store down the street sells the coin batteries in 5 packs =D Throwies here I come.
ampeyro5 years ago
if magnets are expensive, try with a soft glue or playdough, or something sticky
Why not use a velcro hook strip?
try stringing on 10 or 15 on 1 magnet ( if strong enough)
Johnny2x46 years ago
what happens if a building is an engineering test lab???
haha cool. I dont know why I asked that question.
It explodes.
genius2455 years ago
You can get magnets really cheap at DealExtreme. Shipping is free, too.
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Well... he's not exactly going to be throwing them into ponds, and he can always pick them up and recycle them when they burn out...
(removed by author or community request)
For it to pollute water it has to end up "in" water, doesn't it? Or am I missing some great big logical leap here? Also, I think (I might be wrong though) that as long as the battery isn't submerged, it shouldn't leak, so rain should be fine. Also, it's wrapped in plastic tape, isn't it? That should keep any escaping acid contained, depending on the tape-er's tape-ing skills.

Also, I'm amazed at the number of people who either completely miss the "Be nice" comment police (right under the box where you type, it's coloured and surrounded by a red frame...), or either just choose to ignore it -- I could have your comment removed on the "be nice" grounds. Because, really, "obviously you are pretty dumb" is (a) clearly not positive and (b) not constructive. So, please, "be nice". Next time I "will" flag you.
Alright, my apologies for the "obviously you are dumb comment" it was out of line. I'm just really pissed at this instructible. Specially since its regarded as a cool "underground" thing to do. batteries don't need to end in a pond to pollute, just by being on the ground for a short period of time, it will leak, a battery leaking will reach subterranean water in no time, its just way it works... once a chemical is dumped in the open, it spreads. And no, It wont stick to a wall forever dude... no matter if it has a magnet or not. I would be willing to put money, that only 10% of the damn throwies that people are tossing around get picked up. I mean... Just think about the concept, throwing batteries around, with or without a LED... It just isn't a good idea. Plain and simple as that.
Dude, people throw away batteries all the time. They end up in the dump, down storm drains, in junk yards, etc. These throwies aren't going to make a difference. Whining about it isn't going to stop it.
(removed by author or community request)
Greenpeace also think all genetically modified products are slowly poisoning everyone; their "studies" are based on fear and misunderstanding... they aren't that reliable a source of information. on another note...... Awesome instructable I'm gonna make TONS!
(removed by author or community request)
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