This is my LEGO VTOL (Vertical Take Off and Landing) airplane. If I get ten votes saying yes, I will make an instructable on how to make this airplane. Vote in the comments if you want an instructable on this airplane.

Step 1: Front and Back

Step 2: Top

Step 3: Engines

Step 4: Cargo Area

<p>Nice plane...VTOL is pretty cool.</p>
It's called a harrier
<p>Not all VTOL planes are Harriers, but Harriers are pretty cool.</p>
<p>I vote yes for the airplane.</p>
<p>Nice engine</p>
Really cool
<p>Thanks to all of you who liked the airplane! Don't forget to vote!</p>
<p>VTOL is so cool. Great build, thanks for sharing!</p>
If it held a person it would be even cooler but it's still very cool the way it looks
<p>For the votes, you can also Private Message me.</p>

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