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Introduction: My LadyBug

  At school, we had these stirafoam and we drew an insect on it.  Then we painted it and stamped it on a paper.  So here they are.  The drawing is pretty good, but this is my first time doing this kind of art.  Don't criticize me for spelling, bad drawing, or bad painting.



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I love your art

oh wow! I love these! They are really different from your average art! :D I love the colors in all of these! Bravo! :D

Thanx! I love them too! :D

Yeah they would look awesome framed! :P

Well, I've done so much paintings that there is almost no more space to put paintings up in my room. Plus, my mother doesn't want me to put them around the house for some reason. :( What a bad choice. >:(

:D Yeah, my wall is nearly covered in art! :D Well, my parents don't like to hang my stuff around the house either. They just don't like clutter and If I had my way, the walls would covered in art!

Well, my dad loves my art! He'll stare at it for half an hour an then think about it! But my mom doesn't want them around becuase "I don't like them. They're just too ametuerish." Wow! I really hated her for that. >:(

Aw your dad sounds awesome! I guess your mom just doesn't understand! or maybe she is jealous! Maybe she will feel so unartistic every time she sees some of your art, so she doesn't want them around?!

Nope, she doesn't. :(

you never know! :D just "schmile"