This is my first instructable, so I hope it is good.The launcher is coming up, but may take a couple of weeks. Please comment nicely and tell me how I can improve. LET IT RIP!

Step 1: Step 1: Colect the Pieces

You will need these pieces (note: in the pictures, the second and third pictures are close ups of the first)
2 round single studs
 1 round dish (2x2 size)
6 2x4 stud flat bricks (sorry, 4 at top and 2 at bottom of picture)
4 1x2 stud standard bricks
4 3 stud standard triangles(didn't know how to describe these so look at picture)
4 3 stud flat angle pieces (ditto)
4 2x3 stud flat pieces
2 2x4 stud standard bricks
1 flat round 2x2 stud piece (see above in brackets) 

Step 2: Step 2: Assemble

Lets get going! use instructions and pictures (instruction number is picture number)
1: Put the two 2x4 standard bricks together (sorry, the picture isn't very clear)
2:Put two 2x4 flats on top#
3:Put the other 4 2x4 flats on top in a ninja star style pattern (see picture)
4:Turn over
5:Place the 1x2 standard bricks on the jutting out bits of the 2x4 flats closest to the 2x4 standards
6:Put the triangular bricks on the remaining part of the 2x4 (see picture)
7:Put on the angular flats to secure (2 on 1x2, 1 on triangular-see picture)
8:Then put on the 2x3 flats, in the same pattern as the 2x4 flats (but obviously shorter)
9:Place the round 2x2 on (this represents the bit-beast and is used for launching)
10: Flip over and place 1 of the 1 stud round pieces on in between the 4 midle studs of the 2x4 (this is tricky, look at picture)
11: Build this by placing the other 1 stud round piece on to the round dish ( sorry the pictures blurry)
12: Place this onto the other 1 stud round piece to finish off!

Step 3: Done! Plee for Mods

Please make mods and publish them, I need them, especialy to the base piece(which the blade spins on)  which needs to be more pointy or it wont spin for very long (even as it is shock horror!)
i love beyblade
thx man
I would make this with the Lego studs upwards, and then run a 2x axle through the 4x4 round piece on the bottom. That should give you a stable point to spin on. Place a second 4x4 round on the top to send it off.
do you know what this form connoted? go to wikipedia and enter 2. world war... FAIL :D but else a nice idea ;)
You do know you are talking about a spinning top right? As in, it is made to spin and not as a symbol?

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