360 view of my lego vending machine

Step 1: The Operation

I first get an American quarter placing it in slot, push slot, pull slot, then open door to get an airhead!
<p>astonishing videos!!!</p><p>I loved to watch those I simply think that the lego machines are hard to make .</p>
<p>How do you know he did not think of it on his own?</p>
<p>This isnt your own creation AstonishingStudios made this you only modified t to take quarters instead of nickles, so nice try kid your busted.You shouldve given AstonishingStudios credit for it, instead of using it as your own.</p>
<p>make a bacon despeser soooo tastyyy.........</p>
Agreed<br>Bacon is the best!
Could You Make some Instructions?
Good job dude! Keep up the good work!

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