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Just a series of pictures so you could get an idea of what Lego Technics I have. The small bulldozer is the oldest, and the Go-Kart is the most recent. I forgot the exact order the rest came.

Model Numbers:

8265 Front-End Loader 
8264 Truck (B-Model Currently)
8047 Compact Excavator
8294 Excavator
8256 Go-Kart
8049 Tractor with Log Loader
8052 Container Truck
8419 (B-Model) Bulldozer
8063 Tractor With Trailer


sawblade25 (author)2011-07-07

You have a lot of those!

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Bio: I love Legos, Lego Technics in particular, I enjoy being with my friends, I like playing piano. One of my favorite places is outdoors.
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