My Tarantula Hecate dressed up as a little Bat for Halloween :D I made her little bat wings with paper and pipe cleaners :D
That is so cute I love it
<p>Wings of a gronckle, cuteness of a night fury, fluffiness of a sheep&hellip;</p>
<p>Adorable! That is one docile spider.</p><p>Grammostola pulchra?</p>
I love it! 8)
Eeeee! Too cute!
It looks so real! Great instructable!
Thank you Sunshiine!!! :D
Winner winner!
So cute!!!
Thank you Deb!!! :3

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Bio: Nadilyn Beato is a New York based artist. She loves to Illustrate wildlife and design creatures. She holds a BFA from Parsons School of Design ... More »
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