As a brony/pegasister, you may have found out about this cool game. Not that it is so much different from any other farming game, except for giving us the chance to play with our beloved characters. Which is cool.

However if you are also a gamer, you may not want to just buy your way through the game, but to actually play it. More than play it, optimize the way you play. Not that you shouldn't support the developers, which you totally should, just that let's face the challenge first!

Note: these tips and tricks may also apply to the iOS game, but since I've got the Android one, that's what I will be referring to. You can get this game at Google Play or iTunes.

Step 1: Never Buy Bits, Convert Gems Instead.

If you are going to buy your way up the game, however you look at it DO NOT buy bits, buy gems in stead.

You may notice that bits go from 1909/$, to 2850/$. Meanwhile, gems are 10/$ to 15/$. This means the ratio between bits and gems is 190 bits/gem all over the range. Now, if you look at the Bookstore, you will notice that with three ponies you can skip Books for 1 gem, getting you 385 bits and some extra random loot in return. That is 385 bits/gem... + loot.

You wouldn't want to pay twice that by getting bits directly, and loose on the loot, would you?

Bonus tip: if you are tight on bits, and have some gems to spare, this will also let you get some bits the fast way.

<p>How do I delete my progress on this game? I would love to restart it</p>
<p>I stopped playing this because it kept resetting to my last update, losing months of progress :(</p>
<p>Thanks for the wheels tip!</p>

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