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Introduction: My Loft Workshop

Here are a few picture of my loft workspace where I spend most of my spare time, tinkering with electronic things and making things. I took the pictures after I had cleaned it out so don't think that I can keep it that tidy all of the time with the amount of things I do. The workshop is in my loft which hasn't got a reinforced floor so I am quite limited to what tools I can put up there, however, a trusty hand saw, power drill and a few other tools are all I need as I am more interested in electronics than woodwork. As the loft is also used to store Christmas decorations and other things, I can only use the storage space that I have currently. Although I am limited in quite a few ways, I still like it up in my loft. Unfortunately, I live in the UK so I am not eligible for the Craftsman contest which I found out after publishing the slideshow and adding it to the competition, so I removed from the competition it but kept the slideshow.



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    ive got a loft bedroom/workspace too ecept mine is mainly my bed room it is abot 500 sq feet the whole thing

    how much do you want for one of those power supplys

    there not good there from pound shop

    That is what I would call "safe organization". Never trust a professional "anyone" if he/she has a very neat work area. What I mean is this, a person has way to much time on their hands because they have very few customer so they keep busy by clean up.

    I'm not talking about work area safety, I mean tools are clean and put away, no Speedy-Dri (oil absorbent clay removal product used by auto mechanics), on the floor, no dirty finger or hand prints Anywhere, an up-to-date calender, no hair on the barber/stylist floor.

    When shops are supposed to have a curtain amount of work related debris and has none, than you have to wonder how good this person really is.

    i agree,very true of auto mechs ,what about hospitals? :-p

    This is awesome. I wish I would've had the gall to do something that awesome when I was younger; I think I would've been a happier kid :D.

    Stay cool man! And if it were me, I'd put 2 more things in your lofty workshop:

    1. Plastic, to keep the nice fiberglass in the insulation where it belongs
    2. A small hammock... just cause it seems like a fun idea.

    Nice Workshop
    If i understood correctly you got that computer for free? how?

     Yes I got the computer free from my mum's work as they clear out their IT equipment and upgrade it every 5 years or so.

    toss some of their next throw away my way! i'll be happy to pay you to ship it to me

    seriously though, i will