My Makeshift Nerf/Airsoft/Paintball/K'Nex War Barricade


Introduction: My Makeshift Nerf/Airsoft/Paintball/K'Nex War Barricade

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I made this today with my brother because we both got Nerf Mavericks in town. It's really simple but fun to use.

1 = From the front
2 = Close up panorama
3 = Back view
4 = Bomb stand



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    me wishes me has have somuch fun if me has also has back yard but not big as only have a normal not talking like that anymore it takes to long,laters

    um thats about affective as you running in your room without shuting the door

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    So you have holes in your bedroom wall?

    Sick base!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    is the forest you property, you could use it as an escape route.

    3 replies

    Nah, this is my *medium* back garden.

    How many *backyards* do you have?
    PS. why are we talking in **

    Looks like tons of fun! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

    Hey Flannel, this looks pretty awesome! What materials did you make it out of (looks like a trampoline?). A close up picture would be great!

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    Yep, trampoline, bench, snowboards, ramps, pratically anything I could find!