I made this today with my brother because we both got Nerf Mavericks in town. It's really simple but fun to use.

1 = From the front
2 = Close up panorama
3 = Back view
4 = Bomb stand
me wishes me has trampoline.me have somuch fun if me has it.me also has back yard but not big as yours.me only have a normal backyard.im not talking like that anymore it takes to long,laters
um thats about affective as you running in your room without shuting the door
So you have holes in your bedroom wall?
Sick base!!!!!!!!!!!!! <br>is the forest you property, you could use it as an escape route.
Nah, this is my *medium* back garden.
How many *backyards* do you have? <br>PS. why are we talking in **
Awesome! :D
Looks like tons of fun! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
Yeah. It is.
Hey Flannel, this looks pretty awesome! What materials did you make it out of (looks like a trampoline?). A close up picture would be great!
Yep, trampoline, bench, snowboards, ramps, pratically anything I could find!

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