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Introduction: My Makin Stuff Space

About: My 30's have become a sort of renaissance for my tinkering and building.

A good working space is required to make good projects. This is mine. Hopefully this gives others some ideas for their own spaces.

Step 1: Clear Space

First I had to clear out a sufficient amount of space in the garage. Next I mounted a couple 2 X 4's on the walls as a guide to maintain a level finished work surface. My garage floor slopes towards the garage door so leveling the whole thing off the floor would not have worked.

Step 2: Framing

Some people might say that framing out a work bench with 2 x 4's is overkill. I do a lot of metal working and lots of hammering so I wanted a super sturdy bench that wouldn't break under the strain.

Step 3: Paneling

The space underneath the bench is for storage and to keep some of my tools clean and out of sight.

Step 4: Additional Work Surface

Occasionally I work on things where I need to be able to get at all sides. I created a removable bench extension that can be stored underneath the bench. I reinforced the area with some extra 2 x 4's so that I can put a considerable amount of weight on the extension. The storage area underneath is a gap that I needed to leave for the vents that are in the garage wall.

Step 5: Additional Power

I ran two more GFCI outlets off of an existing outlet in the garage. The romex wire will be concealed behind the pegboard.

Step 6: Pegboard

The last step was to mount the peg board and organize my most used tools. I tried to keep my "crafting" tools on one side and my heavy duty tools on the other.



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    Really cool set up. I'm a CA licensed electrician and the best option it to just cut a 4" channel behind the peg board and drill 1/2" holes in the center of the studs and reinstall the drywall. If you do opt. for conduit, I recommend 1/2 EMT (electrical metallic tubing) 1" would be far too big. Good luck.

    I like how you made your own cabinets. In my case I waited for someone to get rid of their old kitchen cabinets whenever the person was remodeling. My garage looks like a depository of old kitchen cabinets! Great job! Thanks for sharing.

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    Thank you. I also used some kitchen cabinets for some storage above the bench.

    That is a valid point and I did consider it. For now I am staying clear of the cable with the pegboard hooks. I do plan on upgrading to some 1" conduit in the future.

    It would be a whole lot easier to make a vid

    It's brand new. I haven't had the chance to use it yet. But you know, it's better to have a tool and not need it...

    Lol, I too have a sewing machine in my workshop