My Marble Rifle





Introduction: My Marble Rifle

This is my marble rifle made with pvc. It has a uses a ball valve and fires you geussed it marbles. It has a silencer that works and is not just for looks. Hay if anyony has a rifle like this I'd like to see it so post some pictures and have a look at my instructable And tell me what you think about them!



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    aah my old friend the marble rifle, gotta love those. i made one of those, and i still have it, its barrel is about 3 feet of 3/4 pvc, valve is a hose sprayer valve, which is awesome, and the chamber is 2 feet of 1 1/2 abs, il post a picture in a bit...

    Here as promised, the pictures of my air gun, pictured here as well with interchangeable 40mm grenade barrel.

    marble gun 003.jpgmarble gun 004.jpgmarble gun 005.jpgmarble gun 008.jpg

    Good idea! I'm designing an air rifle similar to this one, with an air pistol valve. It's an awesome concept!

    awesome... but wouldnt it b a bit awkward? i made 1 that actully looks like a gun (hint hint) with a wooden stock and all. it also has a trigger so the valve opens alot quiker which = more power + accuracy.
    i also shot a rabbit with it and it near killed it but i had 2 put the dam thing out ov its misery with a rock. i would post pics ov the rabbit but its a bit gory lol. however i love ur interchangerble barrel lol great 4 water fights


    poor rabbit... dude im not gnna be negative or anything but arent these for entertainment only not for killing? but anyway nice rifle

    well i got bored shooting pieces of tin. anyway if i didnt shoot it with this it would have been shot with something else, it was eating mums plants

    the thing with My gun is that is very light weight (hint hint) and with my bullets i can knock a hole straight through a rabbit but apperently unless you get them in the brain they just carry on crawling.

    Cool Is your hose sprayer valve adapted. Because id have thought it wouldnt hold pressure well

    nope, not modded at all, it holds pressure perfectly, with no leaking or the like, all you need to do is find the right adapters that go from the hose threading to normal plumbing threading, which is the hardest part, btw check out the comments i left on your forum topic, i think you'll like the idea.

    agreed i literly spent an hour in ace hardware looking for the damn things