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Step 1: Credits

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    People Involved

Creator: Scistone

Editor: Scistone

Art: Scistone

Director: Scistone

Assistant Director: Scistone

Maker: Scistone

Helper:  Scistone


Best Director: Scistone

Most Favored Helper: Scistone

Best Person Involved: Scistone

Favorite Creator: Scistone

Best Art By: Scistone

This is updated constantly,so be shure to come back again and again to see my new inventions!

Step 2: Buildings

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Step 3: Detonations


gadgetnerd3373 (author)2013-05-07

And I would pwn you for it SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH

cortchops (author)2012-12-24

ohhh i would greif that place soooooo much

ThatKnottyguy (author)2012-06-13

freeza36 (author)2012-02-17

i play for free. i dont wanna pay for it

nerd12 (author)2012-01-21

i will show mine later. BTW if i were to sneak up to your mansion then i would be able to rob arrows from your dispensers easily

scistone (author)nerd122012-01-21

Well, i see what u mean, but this isnt in multiplayer and it is meant for mobs.

nerd12 (author)scistone2012-01-21

you should have used obsidian. it gives it an awesome effect. also, prevents creepers from blowing up your stuff and leaving you to make time consuming repairs.
i used obsidian to build a large 2 story bungalow with turrets and every thing along with a lava moat. it looks good and works well but lags :-(. i have a large empty space on the upper level, i already got a storeroom, incinerator, enchantment and brewery, crafting room and forge, bunker, well, mud room and other stuff. any suggestions as to what to use the area for?

ezarate (author)2011-11-24

i would like to see something you've made without cheating.

scistone (author)ezarate2011-11-27

Oh,yea sorry. I haven't been working. On this instructable for a while, so I'm going tO update it as soon as I can :D

jchoi4 (author)2011-07-06

that is a mod

scistone (author)jchoi42011-07-12

TooManyItems is a mod, InvenEdit isn't

Fred the evil puppet (author)2011-06-28

diamond mansion... you used mods, didnt you!!! XD

mods... no, inven edit, yes

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