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Introduction: My Minecraft Stuff


Step 1: Credits

    People Involved

Creator: Scistone

Editor: Scistone

Art: Scistone

Director: Scistone

Assistant Director: Scistone

Maker: Scistone

Helper:  Scistone


Best Director: Scistone

Most Favored Helper: Scistone

Best Person Involved: Scistone

Favorite Creator: Scistone

Best Art By: Scistone

This is updated constantly,so be shure to come back again and again to see my new inventions!

Step 2: Buildings

Step 3: Detonations



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    And I would pwn you for it SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH

    ohhh i would greif that place soooooo much

    i play for free. i dont wanna pay for it

    i will show mine later. BTW if i were to sneak up to your mansion then i would be able to rob arrows from your dispensers easily

    2 replies

    Well, i see what u mean, but this isnt in multiplayer and it is meant for mobs.

    you should have used obsidian. it gives it an awesome effect. also, prevents creepers from blowing up your stuff and leaving you to make time consuming repairs.
    i used obsidian to build a large 2 story bungalow with turrets and every thing along with a lava moat. it looks good and works well but lags :-(. i have a large empty space on the upper level, i already got a storeroom, incinerator, enchantment and brewery, crafting room and forge, bunker, well, mud room and other stuff. any suggestions as to what to use the area for?

    i would like to see something you've made without cheating.

    1 reply

    Oh,yea sorry. I haven't been working. On this instructable for a while, so I'm going tO update it as soon as I can :D

    TooManyItems is a mod, InvenEdit isn't

    mods... no, inven edit, yes