My Mini Stove (Instructions by NK5)





Introduction: My Mini Stove (Instructions by NK5)

This is a Mini stove that i built using NK5s' instructable Mostly i did a slide show to show NK5 and a few others some pictures (i didnt want to crowd his comments with my pics)
I did make a few little changes, i used cotton balls and rubbing alcohol (instead of HEET and fiberglass) I used a candle to preheat for about 1 minute. At first it made a huge flame after about 5min or so it died down. While putting on the lid the top tore, adding another hole for flame to come out.

this is not an instructable nor is it intended to be thats why its a slide show

UP DATE (new pics posted may not be up for and couple hours)
I made a new lid, and further moded the inside. The new lid has fewer holes, using 3 different sizes. The inside has a thin layer of cotton at the bottom covered in a thin layer of steel wool (#0000) and then a cotton ring on top the idea is the bottom cotton layer will never need changed and the top ring will last for at least 3 full burns.



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The holes in the sides are too big. You also only need one hole in the top to pour alcohol in. The side cracked because you didn't stretch out the top and/or crimp the sides of the inside can. (click here to see crimping)
Hope this helped :)

Is it okay to mix different fuels? not purposefully, but lets say i used HEET one day, but I ran out, and decided to use rubbing alcohol instead. Would this be okay?

Yeah that's fine any form of alcohol should work and will evaporate any way.
Heet is antifreeze (alcohol)

Is it safe to eat roasted marshmallows on a stove that uses HEET? It says that the vapors are poisonous...

they are poisonous to breathe in, but once they are burnt they are fine

i used rubbing alcohol so i wasnt concerned, to be on the safe side i wouldnt if your using any thing else.

The only thing is steel wool will rust (rather quickly from the increased surface area) and possibly contaminate your stove. (food too?)

the hole in the middle is fixed by a screw or a pot killing that evil flame hole cheers and have fun with the MARSHMALLOWS

Yep, thats use most of the time. But you can get denatured alcohol at any Home depot or Lowes.