My Mini Sumobot (500g Prototype)





Introduction: My Mini Sumobot (500g Prototype)

Here's my mini sumobot, running for the national sumobot competition (Philippines). After the competition (January 12 & 26) I'l probably release a full step by step tutorial, provided with some old codes. This guide will help you understand and provide you ideas on how a typical sumobot works. 

What's A Sumobot?
It's somehow related to real life sumo wrestling. Two sumobots are placed in a ring, the goal is two push each other out of the ring, any part of the robot that touches outside the wring will be considered defeated. The one who pushed the other opponent out of the ring will be the winner of the round, there will be three rounds in each battle. It's a championship that will test your skills in programming and in building your hardware.  There are three divisions in our country the 400g, 500g and the 1kg. It's Fully Autonomous (has no remote controls, run 100% with programs)

I'm actually using an "Arduino UNO" clone, the ACEduino, as my micro controller. The current motors installed are two mabuchi (Torque-Dash Motor) installed in a "Tamiya Twin Gearbox" (203:1). Motors are driven the by my DIY Motor Shield (<- Instructable Guide) using a L298N motor driver chip.

The bot contains 9 sensors in total. There are 3 floor sensors, 2 side sensors, 3 front sensors and 1 rear sensor. It's powered by a 7.5v 950mAh rechargeable LiPo battery and has a battery life of 1 hour (continuous battle). The body is all acrylic, I cut it using a rotary tool. It weighs 450g and has a pushing force of 1.9kg. It's not that fast but it surely has a lot of pushing power "torquey".

National Robotics Competition (Elimination):
This time the sensors are fully functional: Floor, Front, Side, Rear....... 

Here's a video of my two prototype sumobots fighting in battle:
The only working sensors in the demonstration are: 2 Floor Sensors, 1 Rear, 1 Front.
We are still on the programming stage, the bot only operates with some primitive functions,
soon we will input strategical tactics.


WATCH THIS! My version 6, FAC3PALM in testing action
Here's My Version 6 named "FAC3PALM" (500g Mini mrk6). About 5-10x faster compared to the previous one. 

FAC3PALM is running with two modified gearheads, equipped with re-winded Tamiya "PLASMA" motors. The motors are powered by a "Pololu Dual VNH5019" (12A-30A arduino motor shield) and connected to a selectable 2-3 cell Li-Po battery. This somehow results to a 650-790 rpm range of speed.

A Highly Competitive Mini Sumobot: (Akir4)
(not mine)

A Typical Sumobot Championship Battle:
(not mine)




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    i just wanna ask if the robot that has a plasma motor can push a 1kg robot out of the ring?

    Yes it can although you'll need a high current motor driver.

    What motor driver, specifically? Will adafruit l239d motor driver shield do?

    Hi can i Ask where did you buy sumo bot wheels here in the philippines? wheela for tamiya twin gearbox

    hi can i ask for a copy of your program?

    Hi. Very good design. What sensors did you use?

    This is awesome. It started me looking for similar competitions in Germany but unfortunately there are none. Too sad. This really looks like an interesting and funny challenge.

    can i see your sumobot full step by step tutorial and the codes please

    thank you :)


    I forgive you could spend the code lines and planes to get an idea if it's not too much trouble you, (please mail)