My Mini Sumobot (720rpm Prototype Mrk.12)





Introduction: My Mini Sumobot (720rpm Prototype Mrk.12)

Here's a sneak peak of my latest sumobot, it's still a prototype. It runs with four 625-720rpm Micro Metal Gearboxes, and are driven by a single L298N motor driver chip. For its brains, it uses an arduino clone, the gizmini328. Its powered by a 3cell LiPo battery.

For its eyes, it uses one Sharp Proximity Sensor for detecting enemies from a far, and uses two short range DIY IR sensors for navigating on enemy target. The bot is also equipped with two floor sensors in order to stay on the ring.

The scoop is still under development, that's why the wedge is not installed yet. By the month of September, the bot is ready for battle, for the national competition. PLEASE WATCH THE COOL VIDEO BELOW :D

The chasis is made out of FIBER GLASS (PCB). I design the PCB layout using fritzing layout design software. To conserve space I mounted the motors directly to my PCB, so that the PCB would act as my chasis. The shell is temporarily made form cardboard.

What's A Sumobot?
It's somehow related to real life sumo wrestling. Two sumobots are placed in a ring, the goal is two push each other out of the ring, any part of the robot that touches outside the wring will be considered defeated. The one who pushed the other opponent out of the ring will be the winner of the round, there will be three rounds in each battle. It's a championship that will test your skills in programming and in building your hardware.  There are three divisions in our country the 400g, 500g and the 1kg. It's Fully Autonomous

- Uses 5 sensors, 1 Sharp IR Proximity, 2 DIY IR Navigation Sensors, and 2 Floor sensors. 
  All mounted on a custom PCB
- Uses an 8-bit ATmega328 MCU (Gizduino-Processor)
- L298N Motor Sriver Chip (2A per motor)
- Pololu 50:1 HP MicroMetal Gearbox (620-720rpm)
- Custom PCB DIY Fabrication (double decker)
- Weights 210 grams all-in-all, designed to fight with 500g bots
- Uses C++ Codes in programming Micro Controller

2013 National Robotics Competition Finals (1st Place - Champion)
FACEPALM [Champion] - 2013 PinoyRobotGames Preliminaries (@De Lasalle Zobel) 


Here's A Dry Run (Running 70% from Max Speed)

Here's a Sample Sumobot Battle, of Another Persons's Robot Named: ENOVA
(The design is a bit similar to mine.)



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How did u fit that wheel to ur motor

Hi is your LiPo Battery a 11.1V 3Cell battery?

Hi there.. Martin from Denmark here :-)
I would really like to get hold of your code, so i can figure out how to structure a code for a Bot like this.. if you can help, i would be very glad :-)


Hi! Can you please send your code here at Thanks!

sorry I do not speak English. I'm using a translator ...
in advance thank you very much for your cooperation .. I am just entering the world of electronics so I have little knowledge of this .. I could you please tell me the measurements of the components you used and if you could send me a diagram of your project on the connections made to my email .. I know it's a lot to ask but please help me pretty ... Thanks for your reply.

Sorry for the late reply. You can add me on FB.

can you give me your facebook login?

Hi everyone. Please can you send me source code to

Hi! Can you please send your code here at Thanks!


cool mini-sumo.. but I was confused about your specs and the 1st video above.. when you became champion at 2013, isn't that two ultrasonic sensors at the front? but in your specs, it said 1 sharp IR proximity sensor.. and which is a better enemy detection sensor? and can you give me the link on how to make a DIY IR navigation sensor? thank you