these are my model jets they are simple and fairly acurate modells
sorry about the pictures they are from my webcam
my favorite ids my f-14
Does the Warthog have a GAU-8 minigun?
yes it does to be speciffic it has a GAU 8/A 30mm rotary cannon with 1350 roounds so yeah its effectivly a minigun
Exactly. Can go anywhere from 800-1000 RPM.... =D
plz put the instructions for them on here coz these are really cool
Pretty cool. My fav is the warthog. 4.0
alsome remindes me of a saturn v rocket i built out of knex several years ago
add a knex gun to one of them!
Ok if i post all of them how do you want me to detail the instructions just pictures or actual step by step instructions because there pretty easy
please post pic three!
if I have time i will
Ok please try to get time :)
I like the second pic. Is it the nighthawk?
thanks yeah piture 2 is the nighthawk
Looks good. I think the F-117 is the most accurate.
coool you should really post these tgfmk2!

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