I've updated this slide got rid of the lame ones
and added a few new ones feel free to check em' out added an update of the V8
Holy cow, I like the first one!!!
ive updated the one you like, its beastly it runs now and has been edited, alot check it out!:)
pictures don't show up, please post em in a comment<br />
try the My Models not all of them 2 it may work!<br />
never mind, for some reason I can see them right now :-)<br />
i got an idea ill put them on a instructable not a slide then g to my profile!! :D<br />
mmmmmmmmm,,, they showed up for everyone else,,, ill see what i can do!<br />
nice!<br />

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Bio: Hey people I'm making a new knex sniper it's not going to be a model like prodo123's Sr-70 it's just a ...
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