Step 1: Turtle Shell Rock

Do a backbend and try to grab your feet ! That's it

Step 2: Back Walkover - Front

Do a back walkover the do a front walkover

Step 3: Neck Bend

Do a backbend the put your neck on the ground and tool over

Step 4: Backbend Half

Go in a backbend but don't use your hands go half way then go back up that's it . If I get 400 views by Tuesday then I will be giving shout outs to the first 10 best comments !
You're cool I want you to try a back bend with no hands with a little practice you could do it like a pro<br><br><br>Just do a regular backbend then take your hands up
wow theses are cool plz post some more
It was dark so yeah but anyone who can do gymnastics can do these poses and Thanks for the 433 views in one day thank you guys !
<p>Interresting poses. I am quite certain that I could not bend like that, though... Also, you should try and take clearer pictures, maybe using a tripod and/or flash of your camera has one. Thanks for sharing!</p>
Wow, got to say you rock!

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