This is a multiple guitar stand that i recently built. It holds 2 acoustic guitars, a ukulele, and up to 5 electric guitars at the same time. It is made completely out of wood, and foam pipe insulation. I (at the moment) only have 2 acoustic guitars, 3 electrics, and a uke. One of my electric guitars it not shown here.  

Step 1: Materials Needed

-foam pipe insulation ( both 2 inch inside diameter, and one inch inside diameter)
-one 2x4
-one 2x3
-one 2x2
-one 36 inch long wooden dowell (1 in. wide)
-numerous screws or nails

-a sander
-a drill and bits or a hammer
-a wood saw
-a sharpie/pencil
-a tape measure

-spray paint
-a multitool is awesome to have
<p>Could you make it more portable with some hinges or something? If so, how?</p>
<p>Thanks for the build, it really helped me with my own. Modified it quite a bit for my own taste/use. This one holds 4 acoustics, and was built to do so. Again many thanks.</p>
Your stand helped me build this!<br><br>Made a few modifications, including carpet on the bottom. holds 12-13 guitars. (Always room for more :) )<br><br>helpful note: check the remnants section of your local lowes or HD. I got my capret for free because it wasn't wide enough to sell.
<p>Does that type of foam insulation have any adverse effects on guitar finishes? Some of those soft, rubber/foam materials will cause problems where they contact the guitar.</p>
<p>Nice looking stand! My question is how much did it cost to get ALL PARTS?</p>
<p>I loved making this! Great design and easy to follow instructions. This has been my first instructable and I am proud how's it's turned out. Thanks for sharing this man.</p>
Nice butterscotch tele!!! <br>
hey how far away are each of the pieces of dowell would you know the measurements by chance and great build
Great build and great Instructable! Thanks very much. Built one of my own last night, modified a couple of inches here and there, but otherwise used yours for the majority of the planning. <br>I'm working on a version that has a top rail that has adjustable (and lockable!) pegs that can slide in either direction to maximize space as your guitar collection changes.
Awesome man!
can't wait to get started -- great job on this freeza36! Could you possibly give me the approx. spacing you used for both the electric and the acoustic pegs?
thanks. from center to center: the electric pegs are 4.5 inches - the aciustic are 5.5 inches
Just figured I should name the guitars that I have. <br>-Dean Evo Xm<br>-Fender Squier Affinity Series Telecaster<br>-Fender Silverburst Starcaster (not shown)<br>-Lanikai Lu-11 Ukulele<br>-Grenada Steel String Acoustic<br>-Takamine GS 330s Steel String Acoustic
Congratulations on being featured in the Instructables Emailer. Great Job! :D
I know what my next project is! Great job =D
Nice stand!!!! :)
Very nice! Great starting point that can be customized so many ways.<br>
This is very cool! It looks like you could modify it for other instruments.
yeah you could. Bass guitars would fit anyway, and the uke spot was actually a complete accident
nice tele
its actually a squier tele. Not the real thing but thanks
Good Job freeza36! :)
thanks! it took forever to design, build, prime, paint and so on

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