My Nano Reef Aquarium From Idea to 3d to Real!


Introduction: My Nano Reef Aquarium From Idea to 3d to Real!

Hey all! 
  I have been  browsing this site for a cple years now and never posted anything.  I just seen the make it real challenge and realized that I always make things in 3d and then craft them in reality.  I would like to Share a 16g aquarium I made when I was stationed in Korea in 2008.   This was extremely difficult to find the materials over there ha-ha. There is no Home depot or lowes it is all either " the computer street" or the "wood street" or the "lighting street" or the "plastic street".  So imagine taking all day to walk around a 5 blocks of nothing but small acrylic shops out of garage sized shops. It was fun and my korean girlfriend Was done with me by the time it was all said and overwith bwahaha!  She had to tag along and try to translate my diagrams and my needs.

I first started with an idea because I hated the nano aquariums you buy premade and besides thats not near as much fun.  Then I stayed up one night and kept a box of wine next to me while I played in the 3d Software Maya to create some models so I cna get a better visual of what I am shooting for.

here are my original models.




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    By the way that 9 inch centipede is what sneaks into your house and crawls across you during a cold rainy night in korea... dunno how it ended up in the pics haha

    Ohhhh man ha-ha very funny you say that. You might see some microsoft product floating in there! I actually dropped my Zune in the water that went into that tank before when i was mixing the salt. Believe it or not, I buried the zune in a sealed bag of dry white rice for 8 days and it worked perfectly afterwards.

    It looks really nice. You might consider describing what it's for so people don't have to Google nano reef like I just did.

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    Ha-ha thanks buddy, I will try to add it tomorrow when I get some time at work =)