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Introduction: My Nerf Reflex Modifications

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Hey guys! These are my modifications for the Nerf Reflex. I didn't take out the air restrictors or anything like that, because I didn't want to risk the chance of ruining my gun. I added a K'nex red dot sight and ammo holder that attaches to the tactical rail. The sight just snaps into place onto the rail. I also added a rubber band on the handle for more grip. I made a lanyard that attaches to the little hole in the bottom of the handle. I put a rubber band on the plunger for more power. The red dot sight is accurate, and it is easier to aim than the little sights the gun already has. 

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    I made a whole nerf modulus rig with this

    It seems like Nerf, Airsoft, and Knex Blaster/guns are all associated with eachother :P I have all 3 :PPPPPPPP Trololololol.

    Yup, All modded: Reflex, Barricade, Jolt, Firefly, Raider, Alpha trooper, Rayven and Maverick which I finishe modding yesterday!

    Hey is it alright if I use your tactical rail attachment to make something of my own? I'd give you credit of course.

    Btw cool stuff!

    2 replies