My New Assault Rifle





Introduction: My New Assault Rifle

This is version 2 of this gun and I don't have any pictures of version 1 anyway

Range 30 foot~
Only uses 2 broken pieces
10-12 blue rod removable mag
Detachable top ril and bi-pod
Comfy handleand stock
Good looks



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    Strange how a few select people (you are included Knex Mad just in case you were wondering) can take some of the oldest technologies and make them seem new and awesome.

    If I made this, I would change the following things:

    Connector ammunition with ironman69's magazine.
    Tactical Rails
    Hiyadude's stock

    But, it's still pretty awesome looking without those. Nice job.

     Looks cool-maybe try using connector ammo to improve the range?

     i agree with knex lover except i gave it 3.5 stars

    Decent. But again, I can't find anything in particular to like about it.

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    Not really, this is average.
    2.5= average.
    Maybe 3, but in my opinion, this is average or below. So..... yeah.

    Exactly. So I don't like when people get mad at me for expressing my opinions.
    I.E. Through ratings.
    ^But I'm not trying to complain, let's just leave it alone.^

    Yeah, it is.
    Especially from someone named "Knex Lover".
    But it's not worth more than 4.
    I'd give it 3.

    Whoawhoawhoa! What's that supposed to mean? I rate honestly, this is a 2.5-3
    I think it deserves a 2.5, so that's what I gave it. And I think that's what everyone should do.
    In fact, go rate something of mine honestly, no seriously, go rate something of mine low. It's fine with me.

    2.5 is average.
    This is above average, because the average is so low because there are so many block triggers.


    It looks ok, I like the internal pusher.

    ok its not working