My Omni Blade Build (Pics Only), Instructions Coming Soon(ish)





Introduction: My Omni Blade Build (Pics Only), Instructions Coming Soon(ish)

This Omni Blade was originally created out of interest and experimentation, but in the end ended up being part of my friends London Comic Con 2013 (26th of October) cos play. I will be making more, one for myself, and one which is by request which I am selling to a friend of mine.

If you see me at the event i will be wearing my Bioshock Splicer Costume, just come and say hello (tell me you saw me on instructables otherwise i will be wondering how you know me haha).

If you would like to know more about how i made it etc. email me at and make the email subject as Omni Blade Request, as all emails with that will be filtered into a folder to allow me to find them easier.

Thanks for reading and hope you like it :)



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    That's pretty good, but i do have a couple suggestions for you. I've Actually been making these for over a year now and i used to use that acrylic. There is a better looking acrylic, florescent orange transparent acrylic. And you can actually make the whole thing out of 1 piece of acrylic so you don't have to use those bolts. Here is a video of mine, it's also laser cut acrylic.

    thank you for the comment, nice to have some help :)

    i will put your idea into consideration if i get round to making another one

    That looks awesome. I'm guessing you laser cut and etched it on the orange acrylic and then shaped it with heat, followed by assembly with screws?

    If you did laser cut/etch it, anyway you willing to share the file for the pattern?

    when i make the instructable for it (probably when i finish re designing it for V2), i might feel generous enough to put it up ;)

    Awesome, I can't wait to see it.

    Translucent Orange Acrylic and other bits and bobs haha