My Own Unimog





Introduction: My Own Unimog

Here i built a toy that is simmular to a unimog. it is a toy car called a "Grave Digger" that i put a small electric motor onboard. This is my first instructable, so please be honest what you think of it. sorry that the pictures are of the final progect. i told myself that i would post this one, but i started without bringing my camera. also... forgive the picture quality, it is a 2 year old 50 dollar wal-mart camera.

Step 1: Matreials

you will need a toy car, motor and a battery pack

Step 2: Motor...

get a toy car, remove the cover, and attach a motor. if you want to tape it, its ok. i have no picture of this step.

Step 3: Soldering

solder the wires to the motor, and to the switch, solder the wires to the battery, bad idea but... or tape them.

Step 4: Battery

Tape the battery on the car and you are ready to roll, mine can climb objects that are 2 inches high. below are some pics of the finished project.

Step 5: A Track I Made

Below is a track i made for mine

Step 6: An Idea

I Have a sega point master joystick that i dont need, but i dont know how i would plug it up to the car to make it go foreward and backward on demand, i put some pics of it...

Step 7: A Random Question

Does anyone know a good way to test if a computer RAM is good? if yes can you please post something about that. thank you.



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     Is that a "PointMaster" joystick?  It looks like one.  I loved that joystick back in my C=64 days!

    Good 'ible

    Wow! This is really cool, I can't wait to try this! Do you have any videos of this because that would be totally awesome! Thanks! ~Shifrin

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    i dont have a youtube, metacafe or google video account and the car is temporarly or of order. sorry, ill try to fix it and ill make a youtube account and post it.

    What does the car have to do with anything? well anyways, thanks that would be great! just PM me when and if you do it...

    the unimog, sorry bout that

    Oh, That Car... Unimong : )


    that's gotta work, i went to sneak a peek at it and i think it is the right one, thank you very much


    Let's see, I don't have a camera good enough to take good instructable pictures and I didn't take any bad pictures while I was making my instructable car........oh well, I'll post it anyway. Yeah, that'll get it!

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    i, i should have just not wrote that. anyway....

    To make it go forwards and backwards. Is the joystick analog or digital? If it's analogue, you'll need to rip out the guts and find some way of sticking a couple of microswitches in there. If it's digital, just wire to the "up" and "down" switches. Then look up some diagrams for a simple H-Bridge circuit (it's a switch layout for reversing motors), wire it all up between the battery and the motor and hey presto, forward and back. Why not take it a step further, use a model tank, two motors and two joysticks? Cool instructable btw!

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    oh ya... i do have two joysticks, maybe i should try, cause it would be able to turn too. great idea.

    the joystick is digital, the only thing i would need to find is a schematic, if there is a simple one that can work, cause i dont really want to have to put together a circuit that has a chip and everything, anyway... thanks

    To test if the ram is good, put it in your computer and see if the amount of ram increases.

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    thank you, ill try that

    To make it go forward and backward you would have to switch the polarity. So you would put the negative wire where the positive wire is and wive versa.

    WOW... It worked, i tried 5 times but... here it is, lol.