Picture of My Own Unimog
Here i built a toy that is simmular to a unimog. it is a toy car called a "Grave Digger" that i put a small electric motor onboard. This is my first instructable, so please be honest what you think of it. sorry that the pictures are of the final progect. i told myself that i would post this one, but i started without bringing my camera. also... forgive the picture quality, it is a 2 year old 50 dollar wal-mart camera.
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Step 1: Matreials

Picture of Matreials
you will need a toy car, motor and a battery pack

Step 2: Motor...

get a toy car, remove the cover, and attach a motor. if you want to tape it, its ok. i have no picture of this step.

Step 3: Soldering

solder the wires to the motor, and to the switch, solder the wires to the battery, bad idea but... or tape them.

Step 4: Battery

Picture of Battery
F:\DCIM\100IMAGE\good 1's\IMG_0001.JPG
F:\DCIM\100IMAGE\good 1's\IMG_0004.JPG
F:\DCIM\100IMAGE\good 1's\IMG_0003.JPG
Tape the battery on the car and you are ready to roll, mine can climb objects that are 2 inches high. below are some pics of the finished project.

Step 5: A Track I Made

Picture of A Track I Made
Below is a track i made for mine

Step 6: An Idea

Picture of An Idea
F:\DCIM\100IMAGE\good 1's\IMG_0017.JPG
F:\DCIM\100IMAGE\good 1's\IMG_0016.JPG
F:\DCIM\100IMAGE\good 1's\IMG_0015.JPG
I Have a sega point master joystick that i dont need, but i dont know how i would plug it up to the car to make it go foreward and backward on demand, i put some pics of it...

Step 7: A Random Question

Does anyone know a good way to test if a computer RAM is good? if yes can you please post something about that. thank you.