These are all of my Papercraft Projects as of the First of April. I'm sorry if the photos are too dark or blurry - The poor quality of my current camera is why I'm entering the I Made It photo contest! Thanks for Viewing!
 1. Poco bot from Paper Posables
 2. Enemy 585 from nitrome.com
 3. Superman - paperollies.com
 4. Batman - paperollies.com
 5. Mr. Incredible from "The Incredibles" - paperollies.com
 6. SuperPaperMen - paperollies.com
 7. Disney's official Wall-e movie papercraft
 8. Wall-e - Axiom Security Bot - paper-replika.com
 9. Super Robot - Dog Version!
 10. HAL 9000 - Roomba mashup
 11. Kaliedocycle - instructables.com
 12. Wall-e - GO-4 - paper-replika.com
 13. Wall-e - M-O - paper-replika.com
I'm sorry that I don't have the source for all of the papercrafts, but if you type the name into a search engine, you can probably find it! ;)
 Win Guy
  P.S. It would be very selfish to ask you to vote, so I won't, but if you like this, you can anyway :D
By the way, I didn't make this as an April Fool's joke - it was merely a coincidence! <br>Thanks for all of your views! <br> Win Guy

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