Picture of My Pergola Project
How to build 8x10 feet simple Pergola for your backyard that you can grow Grape vine right next to it and it will eventually cover it for you and give you a nice shade.
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Step 1: Materials & Sizes

Picture of Materials & Sizes
Here is the list of material:

I suggest to use Redwood.

Item Size Qty
Post 4x4x8 4
Rafter 2x4x10 7
Beam 2x6x12 2
Hex Bolt 4x1/2 8
Washer 1/2 16
Nut 1/2 8
Cement Mix 60 lb 4
BEHR Premium Transparent Weatherproofing Wood Finish 1 Gal 1
Nails 16d 3 1/2  14

Step 2: Cutting

Picture of Cutting
Notch rafters at each side of 2x4"x10' rafters, 12inches inside and 1.5 inches width with 1 3/4 depth, this notch will be used to sit on 2x6 Beam.

Notch beams 2x6"x12', notches starting 12" from sides and 20inches apart, with 1.5 inches width with 1 inch depth. basically rafters will sit into beams and notches will be nailed. you can clamp 2 of the together and cut at one shot.

each posts needs to be cut a place for beams to sit on. 1.5 inches deep and 5.5 inches length, pictures will give you better idea.

i used hand circular saw (see picture) and jig saw, it depend how expert are you using these tools, but it is little bit hard. To empty the notch basically i cut the marked lines 1.5 inch apart first then start drill a hole and cut the remaining with jigsaw then clean the surface with circular saw. Fun right!

Step 3: Putting Protective Coat on woods

Picture of Putting Protective Coat on woods
it is important to apply a protective coat on the woods after cutting and it is easier before assembly. it is better to apply 2 layers of coat. my wife helped me on this one. after i finished cutting each wood i gave it to her and she puts coat and after half an hour she puts another layer.

Step 4: Digging the Post Holes

Picture of Digging the Post Holes
Dig 4 holes 8 by 10 feet rectangular, 1 feet deep and about 1 feet diameter. some people say it needs to be 2 feet deep but i think 1 feet is enough and it worked out good for me.
Dad helped me on this one!
jondneumann3 years ago
I love it and have always wanted to build one. Definitely on my list of things when I get a house, haha. Well done. It looks great!
rimar20003 years ago
Very nice project and well done.