My Personal Brooch Bouquet!





Introduction: My Personal Brooch Bouquet!

I created my own brooch bouquet using brooches that I purchased, brooches purchased for me, and family heirlooms from my side as well as my groom's. The result was stunning and I received so many compliments! It's something I will save forever and probably pass on to my future children. It is easy enough for anyone to do!

Materials Needed:
8" (or whatever size you prefer) styrofoam ball
hot glue gun
75-100 brooches
1 yd satin
straight pins
8" wooden dowel rod

1. Cut styrofoam ball in half
2. Use scissors to make a small, deep hole in the middle of the flat side of one half. Fill half of hole with hot glue, then insert wooden rod. Hold until dry.
3. Wrap half in satin. Secure with pins and then hot glue. Remove straight pins.
4. Start in the top middle of the ball. Open brooch, place dab of hot glue at top of straigh part of pin, near fascinator and at the part where the end of the pin would go, stick pin into styrofoam ball and hold until glue dries.
5. Continue doing this around the ball. Make sure you are rotating and are balancing colors and textures.
6. Wrap flowers around outside so stems stick out of bottom. Wrap with ribbon.



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If anyone is creating their own and would like to incorporate vintage brooches, check out my Etsy shop!

How simply wonderful! what a great idea!

Great idea!! You really have a great bouquet that will stay like this forever:P

Thanks so much! Please vote for it in the DIY wedding contest!! I'm really needing a Kitchen Aid mixer :)

I love this! Might have to do this for my bestfriend's wedding! I have tons of these things & never wear them, but love the way they look. It won't wilt even! Excellent Idea!!!!!

Thank you so much! Please message me a picture when you have it done! Simply Google "Brooch Bouquets" for tons of inspiration. I thought it best to use mostly brooches that resembled flowers but I've seen everything including buttons, which are awesome too! Please vote for my instructable in the DIY Wedding Contest :)